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A producer law originally went into effect January 1, 2010 requiring a three hour classroom ethics course mandatory for license renewal. On August 14, 2018 this law was amended to include allowing ethics to be taken via live webinar in addition to physical class attendance. Also required is completing a total of 24 CE certified course hours for successful producer license renewal.

Dohrn Insurance Training, Inc. performs eight live ethics classes monthly of which five are offered as a live webinar. A live webinar is typically offered every week and one Saturday morning per month and personal attendance is available for all scheduled ethics classes. Ethics scheduling includes five classes in our central Elmhurst location near Oakbrook, and one time each monthly in Tinley Park, Schaumburg and River Grove. All live webinars are broadcast from Elmhurst only. Most ethics classes are instructed personally by Doug Dohrn, Sr., founder and President of Dohrn Insurance Training, Inc.

Since 2010 our company has provided over 1,400 ethics classes serving the license renewal needs of over 40,000 satisfied students. A large percent of our students are repeat ethics customers over and over again who appreciate the useful information offered in an entertaining style. According to feedback from our students, meeting your ethics requirement with Dohrn is a unique and satisfying experience.

There is no exam requirement for an ethics course. You will meet this requirement by simply attending a three hour ethic classroom course or via live webinar by meeting the requirements of being "actively engaged" during the webcast, which is moderated live.

Our ethics class topic changes every two year renewal cycle so you can always be assured of a fresh experience and all courses are researched and created by Doug Dohrn Sr. and Doug Dohrn, Jr. Our classes are never dull.

Remember, Dohrn Insurance Training is your Illinois Prelicensing and Continuing Education course expert--Illinois is our primary state in which we have operated since 1987 so you can rest assured we always get it right for you. We also offer 10 self-study course that provide twelve CE hours each at reasonable fees with prompt grading and reporting. Call us at 847-455-1130 for more details or with any questions you may have.

Ethics Course Descriptions

Ethics 1: STOLI: Stranger Owned Life Insurance

(no exam, 3 hours, classroom only)

This three credit hour all classroom, continuing education course is designed to benefit the Illinois insurance producer by making them aware of the historical legal significance of the Doctrine of Insurable Interest and the modern practice of life policy owners who sell their life insurance contract rights to third party investors.

The program demonstrates some recent market practices whereby financially successful senior citizens may be recruited to purchase life insurance with the future intent of assigning ownership for profit. The course also explores the reasons insurance carriers do not favor STOLI type arrangements.

A producer may be lured by promises of "easy money" but will need to know where helping a client ends and possibly of breaking the law begins. This program will help you to protect your clients and your producer license.

Ethics 2: Creating a Producer Code of Conduct

(no exam, 3 hours, classroom only)

This continuing education ethics class is designed to benefit the Illinois insurance producer in three ways.

First it reminds them of their fiduciary relationship with the public by reviewing some common mistakes that producers may make with reference to selected statutes and regulations governing producer conduct.

Second, the course offers advice on conducting a sound decision making process when potential problem scenarios may arrive.

Third, the program guides the licensed producer with a simple method for creating a personal code of conduct designed to promote their long term business goals.

Informative and fast-paced, this class is well worth your investment.

Ethics 3: Ethical Conduct and Leadership

(no exam, 3 hours, classroom only)

This ethics class is designed to not only remind producers of ethical duties in the areas of working to address client needs within the guidelines of regulation and statutory restriction but also to challenge producers to make the insurance marketplace a better environment than it was when they entered it. The challenge is to recognize that the producer, who is also a leader, constantly measures his or her actions with the public to earn the respect and trust from the public that is necessary to elevate the reputation of the entire insurance sector of the broad financial services industry. Each producer is reminded that the high regard of the public is earned by cumulative impact that each and every producer creates by their actions.

Ethics 4: Ethical Insurance Marketing and Sales

(no exam, 3 hours, classroom only)

This three credit hour classroom ethics course explores the impact that proper prospecting and sales techniques have on helping the ethical producer build a successful long term business.

Ethics 5: The Ethics of Being Trustworthy

(no exam, 3 hours, classroom only)

Course Objectives: Producer Regulations demand that an individual be trustworthy with a good business character and reputation as a foundational requirement to both obtaining and retaining a producer license. This course defines trustworthiness and examines both positive and negative attributes relating to personal values associated with those definitions and then compares that discussion with state regulatory demands. A series of actual recent Illinois producer licensing revocations and a denial are examined to heighten the awareness the producer must implement in daily practice to preserve their trustworthy character in the insurance marketplace. The extreme case study example of Stranger Originated Life Insurance (STOLI) is utilized to emphasis the nearly limitless boundaries of untrustworthy conduct in which some producers have recently engaged in the insurance industry.

Ethics 6: Ethical Decision Making

(no exam, 3 hours, classroom or webinar only)

Course Objectives: The contemporary insurance producer preforms in a pressure environment that is constantly changing while continually testing the ethical resolve of their fiduciary responsibilities. This course reviews the basic values required of an insurance fiduciary and encourages each individual to examine their own attitudes with respect to public interaction while offering a method to commit their beliefs to written form. Ethical interactions are a central focus of the program seeking to remind the producer of how various client approaches are viewed by the general public with examples of negative versus positive potential interactions. The powerful tenets of leadership are explored offering an ethical decision making template for producers to follow that are designed to elevate and enhance the public perception of producer actions in the modern insurance marketplace.

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CE/Ethics Cancellation/Refund Policy

Upon the completion of a registration for Ethics class and/or CE courses submitting payment you agree to all of the terms contained herein:

  1. In order to receive a refund for a canceled Ethics class and/or CE courses, we must be notified in writing (email to or fax to 847-455-1153) within the first 24 hours of your registration. There is a cancellation fee of $15.00 per class, webinar and/or CE purchase that will be deducted from any refund. If proper notification is not received within the first 24 hours then no refund will be issued.
  2. No course can be transferred from one individual to another.
  3. All Self-Study Continuing Education courses purchased must be completed within TWO YEARS of purchase dates.
  4. If you are denied entry to an ethics class due to late arrival, there will be a $15 rescheduling fee. Once a class is rescheduled there is no option to cancel with a refund.
  5. If you need to reschedule prior to your ethics class date, there will be a $15 transfer fee per occurrence starting with your second transfer request. Please contact our office at (847) 455-1130 for further rescheduling instructions. Once a class is rescheduled there is no option to cancel with a refund.
  6. If you display disruptive, rude or display inappropriate behavior at a Dohrn class location, then at the discretion of the instructor you may be asked to leave, your course will be canceled and you will not receive any refund.

Ethics Disclaimer

In the event of a last minute course cancellation by Dohrn Insurance Training due to reasons beyond our control (i.e., bad weather, power outage, instructor unable to get to location, etc.) our policy is to offer a full refund for the cost of the Ethics class or to place you in a different class date, at your choice. If bad weather is the reason for a class cancellation we will leave a voice greeting on our office number (847-455-1130) as soon as have determined course cancellation is appropriate. Therefore, if the weather seems especially poor on the day of your scheduled class, call our office before you leave home to see if we have left a message canceling class. If class is not canceled due to poor weather and takes place but you decide not to attend anyway, then there is no refund but we will allow a transfer to a different Ethics class.

Dohrn Insurance Training has only cancelled class upon rare occasion since 1987 and will only never do so lightly. However, Dohrn Insurance Training does reserve the right to cancel any Ethics Class for any reason, excluding those listed above, with at least a two day notice posted on this website under the heading "Cancellations" which would then be found on this page with a link to further details.

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