Pre-licensing Information

Dohrn Insurance Training, Inc., Illinois's best pre-licensing classroom instruction choice for over 25 years, offers its own current textbooks in all four main lines: Life, Health, Property and Casualty. We also exclusively offer our students Dohrn SimX, our proprietary prelicensing simulated online exam database, which allows our students to enhance learning strengths and target any weakness to overcome them. With unmatched classroom instruction and simulated online exam testing, Dohrn offers you the best of both worlds:

During the daytime class our students receive concise and targeted information and by night they can sharpen their skills online, receiving immediate feedback to eliminate testing and concept weaknesses, by utilizing the Dohrn SimX prelicensing simulated online exam.

Each line of insurance (Life, Acc. and Health, Property and Casualty) requires successfully completing a certified 20 hour prelicensing course, 7.5 hours of which must be obtained through classroom instruction.

Students will complete their pre-licensing course by first attending a class through Dohrn and then by passing their nonsupervised exam course final which can be done with our "paper exam" or by using Dohrn SimX. The paper exam allows the student time to review materials and find answers while learning key concepts.

  • Paper exam can be hand scored by our staff or the student can enter their answers at our website for immediate scoring and course completion (your passing score of 70% or greater earns you an immediate email with your course completion letter).
  • Dohrn SimX has short quizzes for specific subject areas and full simulated exams. Successful completion of a full simulated SimX exam earns your completion letter which is immediately sent to your email inbox.

Early registration and payment is encouraged since space is limited to the first 24 to 40 paid registrants, depending on location. Our registration system is designed so that you can pick up your materials on the first day of your class.

Notice:You will have ONE YEAR to complete your pre-licensing course and have your producer license in hand from the date you attend class.

All pre-licensing programs are available for "in-house" training if your group is of sufficient minimum size. We can also show you how to use our method to hold prelicensing classes at your company or agency with your own instructor that we train.

All instructors must meet the requirements as specified under Illinois law.

Self Study

Full self study to complete pre-licensing is no longer allowed as of January 1, 2010 in Illinois and 7.5 hours of classroom instruction, per line, is mandatory.

What Makes Dohrn's Pre-licensing Course the Very Best in Illinois

Our unique system: classroom plus online, along with our 16 or more class dates per month scheduled in many Chicago area locations, helps new producer-candidates get licensed faster so a new agent won't have to wait too long to start earning income. We can help you get licensed fast while our unique classroom and web-based practice exam approach, Dohrn SimX, can minimize study and test anxiety and allow you to learn individually and easier at your own pace -- faster and better than other programs.

Classroom Portion

  • Over 26 years of Pre-licensing Class design and instruction expertise
  • Our classroom instruction "Triple Review" strategy:
    1. Comprehensive review of exam part 1 and 2 concepts
    2. Afternoon "Bullet Point" review of selcted exam test contact areas
    3. Final key area review with 30 question mini-simulated exam
  • Dohrn uses our own researched and written up-to-date course books
  • We also supply Dohrn's "Bullet Point" condensed review of key test concepts

Pre-licensing Unconditional Guarantee

If you attend one of our pre-licensing classes, you may sit through the same class a second time, within 90 days of your first attendance, at no additional charge if you fail any part of your state exam. Simply provide proof of test failure and call to reserve an open seat for an available class date. You must use the book which you were originally issued for your first class date(s). If you require a replacement book there is a $75.00 additional charge.


Pre-licensing Course Fees

Single Line (1 course) $129
Discounts Applied for Multiple Lines

Our Reasonable Pre-licensing Course Fees Include

book Your printed book
blackboard 7.5 hours of class instruction per line
exam Dohrn SimX Pre-licensing Simulated Online Exam
exam Free retake within 90 days if you do not pass the state exam

Pre-licensing Cancellation, Transfer and Refund Policy

Classroom space is limited. By completing a Pre-licensing registration form for a pre-licensing class and submitting payment you agree to all of the terms contained herein:

  1. In order to receive a refund for a canceled class you must notify us in writing (via email or fax to 847-455-1153) and we must receive your cancellation notice no later than noon (12:00PM) the business day (Monday through Friday, except holidays) before the scheduled class. If you received a book before the class date, then there will be a $75 cancellation fee that will be deducted from the refund and shipping and handling fees are not refundable, otherwise the cancellation fee will be $25 per class/per line.
  2. Class dates may be transferred one time at no charge. Written notification must be received by our office no later than noon (12:00PM) the business day before the originally scheduled class date (you may fax this notice to (847) 455-1153 or email to Once a transfer has been requested there is no option to cancel with a refund.
  3. If you fail to attend class without any prior notice there is no refund opportunity, but you may reschedule for an additional $25 fee per line/date for which you failed to attend and provide due notice.
  4. All pre-licensing classes begin promptly at the scheduled time. The amount of time spent in class is mandated by the state of Illinois! Any late arrivals could result in the student being denied entry to class, and a rescheduling fee of $25 per class/date will be assessed. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  5. Student acknowledges that the course(s) purchased and licensing process must be completed within one year of the student's class attendance date, otherwise the student must retake and fully pay again for the entire course program.
  6. If you fail your state exam, you may repeat your class free within 90 days and advance scheduling is required. You must use the book you were first issued. Please call the office at 847-455-1130 to schedule.
  7. Courses are not transferable form one person to another.


In the event of a last minute course cancellation by Dohrn Insurance Training due to reasons beyond our control (i.e., bad weather, power outage, instructor unable to get to location due to sudden illness, inclement weather, transportation mechanical breakdown, etc.) our policy is to offer a full refund for the cost of the class (not available if your pre-licensing book was shipped in advance of class, in which case there is a $75 nonrefundable charge) or to place you in a different class date, at your choice.

If bad weather is the reason for a class cancellation we will leave a voice greeting on our office number (847-455-1130) as soon as a determination to cancel a class has been deemed by us to be appropriate. Therefore, if the weather seems especially poor on the day of your scheduled class, call our office before you leave home to see if we have left a message canceling class. If class is not canceled due to poor weather and takes place but you decide not to attend anyway, then there is no refund opportunity but we will allow you to transfer to a different date for the same class that was canceled.

Dohrn Insurance Training has only cancelled class upon rare occasion since 1987 and will never do so lightly. However, Dohrn Insurance Training does reserve the right to cancel any Pre-licensing Class for any reason, excluding those listed above, with at least a two day notice posted on this website with a link under the heading "Cancellations" which would provide further details.

Pre-licensing Class Schedule

Single Line (1 course) $129
Discounts Applied for Multiple Lines

If you are ordering two lines, the price will adjust after the second line is added to the cart with the purchase button.

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